Osan Air Force Base
Republic of Korea

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Osan AFB


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Osan Air Force Base

Located in South Korea, Osan is an Air Force Base owned by the USAF. It is located in the same region as Seoul, bearing a 40 miles-distance to this city, capital of the South Korean state. It is home to the 51st Fighter Wing of the Pacific Air Forces. Among its many aircraft, the fabulous A-10A Thunderbolts and the F-4E-37-MC Phantoms are the most sough-after worldwide. This base's historical importance dates back to the Korean War and the Cold War and it was constructed in 1951. The base’s primary mission is to "execute combat operations, to receive follow-on forces and to defend the base from attack". The base is commanded by Colonel Jon A. Norman and has many facilities, both educational/training and recreational.

Among the recreational facilities, it has 2 clubs, "The Challenger Club" and "The Mustang" Club and it also has swimming pools, paintball courts, movie theatres and many other such things. More attractions are in the capital city of Korea, Seoul. The educational facilities are also very good, and the base not only specializes in training recruits, but also in education their children in an army-like environment. The base's logo features a Pegasus and a piece of automatic weaponry used by aircraft, the symbols of power and flight.

Although the exact size and the number of people working and living at Osan is not known, there are a lot of active missions, all of them secret, and the base does receive a lot of press, on different occasions, such as the free Thanksgiving meal event, on the 5th of November 2007. The namesake for the base is a near-by village, also giving its name to the region.